Ordering Information

We take orders for leis a week or more in advance of delivery in order to insure the freshest possible lei for you.

Inter-island orders are sent overnight via Fed Ex and you should order them to arrive at least one day early to make sure that you have time to pick them up. Mainland orders take 2 days. The flowers in any lei shipped inter-island or to the mainland may open in transit. They will stay fresh in your refrigerator for a week or more. Keep them in the box they arrive in. Do not put them in a plastic bag or plastic container, as that will cause them to wilt. Do NOT spray them with water. Orders to the mainland

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Mainland Orders

Shipping to the mainland takes 2 days; the flowers may open during shipment but the leis make the trip in good shape. It is also quite expensive for one lei. Shipping 2 leis isn't much more expensive than shipping one lei. You may be able to cut cost even more if you are willing to pick the leis up at the nearest FedEx location that will hold at location.